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DAHUA 1935  

DAHUA 1935 is a shopping center remolded from an old yarn mill and the mission is to develop a complete environmental graphic system to enhance the brand by emphasizing the history of the city and reflect the culture heritage from the site.

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DAHUA 1935 is a shopping center located in Xian, the ancient city with history stories. The site itself was a yarn mill in 70's and now a museum surrounded by many historical sites. 

Exterior Sign Type I

Exterior Sign Type II

Interior Sign Type I

Interior Sign Type II

Freestanding Pedestrian Direction


Freestanding Escalator ID


Wall-mounted Pedestrian Direction

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Elevator Level ID


Outdoor Directory / Building ID


DAHUA 1935 is a project own by FORTE and worked with SPD. All the images, copyrights and trademarks belong to the original owners.

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