As the first 5 star hotel in Qingdao, Haitian hotel was the synonym of luxury. Now the developer is aiming higher to create another iconic project for the city. Sitting on the first row of Fu-Shan bay, Hitian Center possess the most magnificent view of seascape and next to many attractions along the shore.

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Haitian Center is a commercial complex with 3 towers, including premium grade A office building, shopping mall, gallery, museum, 2 five star hotels and luxury apartment. As the tallest building in Qingdao and with its superior location; this project is meant to be the icon of the city. 

Exterior Sign Type 

Exterior Family-01-01.jpg

Light Sculpture Types 

Light pole-01-01.jpg

Monument & Light Sculpture Rendering 

EXT rendering-01.jpg

Retail Interior Sign Type 

Retail family-01-01.jpg

Retail Signage Rendering 

Retail rendering.jpg

ST.Regis Hotel Function Area Sign

St Regis Func-01-01.jpg

Parking Graphics

Parking Ele-01.jpg
Parking Graphic-01.jpg

Haitian Center is a project own by Conson Group and worked with SPD. All the images, copyrights and trademarks belong to the original owners.

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