Kuwait Cancer Center

The project vision is to develop a preeminent, world class healthcare facility for the Ministry of Health and the people of Kuwait. We aspire to provide an empowering environment for cancer patients, their loved ones, and their caregivers. The role of the new facility is to celebrate and enable life at every stage, while continuously improving patient outcomes and staff performance.

The project is being designed as a contemporary facility that responds effectively to the functional requirements and space program of the TOR. More importantly, the new Hospital is being developed to satisfy the civic aspirations of Ministry of Health and its objective to develop state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for the people of Kuwait.

Cultural Precedents

The interior public spaces of the Kuwait Cancer Center reflect theculture of Kuwait with details inspired by the original tent dwellingsof the Kuwait people, the patterns found in its architecture, al sadutextile prints, the souks, market places, screened surfaces, andinterior courtyard dwellings. The spaces are intended to evoke thefeeling of home, a place of respite where privacy is treasured, andwhere patients can meet with their loved ones in a hospitable placethat inspires comfort and a sense of spirituality.

From space to furniture. In each case, the intention is to create familiar surroundings and a feeling of home within a secure healing environment. As a reinterpretation of traditional tent dwellings, these elements contain cushioned seating, creating a comfortable and hospitable experience for patients, families, and visitors.



Retail Kiosk

Retail & Coffee Shop

Information Desk


Prayer Room


Qibla Wall


Direction to Mecca

Prayer Room Entry

Family Waiting Area


TV Wall

Large Group Seating

Counter w/ Storage

Private Family Room

Eating Area

Family Lounge

Patient Room and Patient Corridor

Cubicle Curtain

Chair, Rotary

Sofa / Sleeper


Chair, Side

Lavatory / Wastebasket

I.V. Pole


Wall MTD Workstation

Patient Chair

End Table

Glove Disp.

Infusion Bay

I.V. Pole

Patient Chair, Recliner

Family Seating

Handwashing Station

Staff Cafeteria




Dish Return


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