Mount Carmel Hospital 

“Transformation of the Mount Carmel East Campus into a flagship medical center for the Mount Carmel Health System and an anchor for the community through design that focuses on patients, enables excellence, and supports a commitment to their catholic ministry mission.”.

Mount Carmel Hospital project is a healthcare expansion project including two phases. A new built patient tower and renovation of existing buldings.

Inspired by the place, reflective of the brand and tailored for each institution

Community Concourse

''A timeless Neutral Foundation Complemented by Soothing & Harmonious Accents''

Clearly identifiable, as well as,inviting and welcoming entry points. Comfortable seating areas with access to daylight and views. A fireplace can act as a  humanizing focal point and hearth within this space.

Registration Desk & Impatient Bed Floor Reception Desk

"From Proud Declarations of The Catholic Ministry and Bold Display of The Heritage & Legacy to Comforting & Soothing Environment Graphics."

From proud display of the hospital's Catholic ministry and the institution's legacy; to a soothing showcase of the region and inspirational thoughts of hope. A consistent vocabulary of materials and lighting lend a recognizable identity to every reception/information desk.

Patient Room & Patient Corridor

"The Functional and Humanizing: Materials are use to support care and promote healing"

Decentralized, accessible and easily identifiable caregiver stations and distributed supply alcoves help support a more personalized patient centered care. The design of the patient rooms thoughtfully integrates patient and family amenities to create a comfortable and hospitable non-institutional feel.

Inpatient Bed Floor Family Lounge

"A Varied & Edited Palette of Fixtures"

Waiting areas broken down into smaller activity zones to support a diverse range amenities and individual privacy options.

Mount Carmel Hospital is a project own by Mount Carmel Health and worked with Nbbj (Columbus Office).

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