NETJETS Columbus Office 

The project mission is to enlive the space of NETJETS Columbus office and create a unified company culture by integrating the brand value into environmental graphic. Improving the employee experience and helping visitors and employee engage with the brand. 

NETJETS is the first private business jet charter and aircraft management company in the world with largest private jet fleet. It provides fractional ownership in aircraft and gives the fractional owners a share in the use of the aircraft.

"...the truth about flying is that it's almost never about the flight, it's about where it takes you, and who's waiting for you when you arrive.

Brand Dissection 


We arrived first and have led the way since. We know where we've been and we know the direction we are heading.

Over half a century ago, Netjets set out to change the course of aviation history. Netjets has become leaders in the industry by arriving first and pioneering the way since. Their expertise coupled their vision drives them to explore innovation, technology and safety.


We connect our owners to the people and the place that matter most to them.

It is NetJets mission to provide the best, most thoughtful service to each owner. Service that is tailored to fit each owner’s unique needs. With a unified team working behind every flight experience, every decision made is a human decision and a commitment to excellence. 


Ourservice is unparalleled,  we don't make compromises. We go above and beyond for the people that trust us.

The most important part about every flight is bringing the owner to the places and the people that matter most to them. With the largest and most advanced global network of private jets in the world, Netjets gives you the freedom to be wherever you want, whenever you want

Security Desk

projected moving image displayed behind window to simulate experience looking out the plane window.



Excutive Area

CEO Office


Owner's Lobby



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