HuangPu BinJiang Office Park

This project is assorted by 7 different sub-projects. Each has its own aesthetic and design concept. To design a module signage system be able to be applied to all different projects is essential and challenging. The idea is to accomplish one signage system and distinguish each project with different color and material depend on the design of buildings, The team also setup a guideline of signage for future projects.

Overall Site-02.jpg

The Huangpu Binjiang office park is a congregation of 7 office building projects along Huangpu River. The goal of this project is to provide grade A office for multiple business types and utilizing the superior location of river view. 

Exterior Sign Type 

Vehicular Direction

Building ID

8-1_Building ID.jpg

Pedestrian Direction


Drop-off & Pickup


Elevator Core Signage_Project 4-4

4-4_builidng 1 lobby cropped.jpg

Elevator Core Signage_Project 8-1

8-1_builidng 4 Elevator Core ID.jpg

Elevator Core Signage_Project 15-3

Elevator Core Signage_Project 4-4(Typical Floor)

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