Qinghai Solar Museum

With its advantaged geographical condition, Qinghai has been one of the most potential region in developing sustainable energy in China. This museum is to share the forefront technology in solar industry and knowledge about solar power to the investors, government officials and public.

Our light, our lives… everything we do is controlled by the Sun. Depends on it. For millions of billions of years, we are awed by the unknown and powerful sun, only got to staring into the face of God. It’s the symbol of light and strength. The Sun is like a turbulent sea of incandescent gas keeps driving the scientific development of mankind, the space exploration and the evolution of civilization. 

Concept & Layout

The Sun as center of the exhibition. All interior elements position around the center.

Entrance & Lobby

Exhibition Area A / E

Exhibition Area B

Exhibition Area C / P

Exhibition Area D

VIP Room

Conference Room