Columbus Home and Garden Show

Dispatch Home and Garden show is an event being held at the Ohio Expo Center Columbus, United States of America. This event showcases products from local gurus, craftman and builders.

A tiny house is a small space that ranges between 85 and 400 square feet and can be either mobile or stationary. These homes consist of standard spaces like a scaled down kitchen and bathroom as well as a multi living space that is crafted to meet the owner's need. Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes and forms but they focus on smaller spaces and simplified living.

The exterior walls of the cabin and shipping container will embody the raw materiality of reclaimed wood and metal; in doing so it will portray an obscure, cold initial appearance. When visitors enter the cabin and shipping container they will be greeted by a warm, well-crafted interior. This stark contrast will help to change the way people think of small space design. The inner landscape between two homes will work to harmonize and fuse the idea. 


Shipping Container

Tiny Home project is a project own by Mount Vernon Barn Company, Hamilton Group and worked with Moody Nolan (Columbus). All the images, copyrights and trademarks belong to the original owners.