WuHan Mix'C

As Wuhan to Yangtze River, Wuhan Mix'c is a gem stone shining in the city. The crystal inspired led crown and the concept derived from the great river in interior brings an unique aesthetic fusion. The signage system keep the same 

idea serving in the project.

Project entrance.jpg

Wuhan Mix'C is a commercial complex with premium grade A office building, hi-end shopping mall and luxury apartment. The developer's aim is to create a truly differentiated and forward thinking commercial and retail product in Wuhan, which is tailored within its context and towards the future marketplace. 

Exterior Sign Type 

Exterior Family-01.jpg

Project Monument


Drop-off & Pickup


Interior Sign Type 

Interior Family-01.jpg

Elevator Level ID

Retail Interior 03.jpg

Overhead Directional

Retail Interior 01.jpg

Freestanding Level ID

Level ID.jpg

Parking Sign Type 

Parking Family-01-01.jpg

Office Sign family

Office Family-01-01-01.jpg
Office Family-02-01.jpg

Residential Entrance Decal

Residential Decal-01-01.jpg

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